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Bold Endeavours expands Kiev team :: News

Bold Endeavours expands Kiev team
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Whilst much of the world seems to be to obsessed with crisis, shortages and credit crunches, software and web development house Bold Endeavours is quietly winning new business, expanding services and appointing more key personnel.

Bold Endeavour’s business encompasses software and web development, and high level online marketing services for clients on 3 continents. The company also develops and sells it’s own applications under the Big Easy brand.

Recognising that consistent customer support is the way to retain business the Company has recently appointed a Senior Project Manager, 2 more Software Developers, an additional Designer and SEO and Links Managers.

Dima Basteyev Project Manager
Originally from
Kharkov, Dima has now relocated to Kiev.
Dima is 28 and is particularly experienced in large project management using Agile methodologies. He enjoys parachute jumping and travel. We all hope that project management isn’t as risky as parachute jumping - but we are confident in his professional skills.

Systems Architect Vitaliy Migov
The recent acquisition of a major
UK long term software contract required a dedicated team approach. Vitaly joined as Systems Architect and Team Lead. Vitaly enjoys sport, cinema and music.

Senior PHP developer Vera Mamray
With a continuous successful track record in complex web developments Vera joined the company to provide support for our American retail clients and aligned development of Big Easy Shop systems

SEO. Irina Dolgopyatova
With an abiding passion for Sudoka and similar analytical challenges Irina is a welcome addition to the SEO team. Irina is involved in web analytics, planning strategy and managing on-page and code changes.

SEO Links Manager. Laura Di Sandio.

Laura has been with us for a three years and is based in Pusan, South Korea. As Links Manager Laura is responsible for research and development of online media planning. Laura plans link and online PR campaigns and assists implementation. Laura also runs the Technical Support desk for GMT + 9 hours

Designer. Irina Katrenko
Increase in overall business activity required an additional designer; we were very pleased when Irina said she would join us. In addition to web design Irina is heavily involved in flash design and production. Given the increasing demand for video and commercial production from stock footage Irina arrived at exactly the right time.

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Приглашаем Middle PHP developer.

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