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Outsource relief for tight IT budgets :: News

Outsource relief for tight IT budgets

Outsource relief for tight IT budgets

Bold Endeavours today announced restructured  price offers for term maintenance IT contracts.

In a business downturn IT is one area that is always hacked to save costs. This usually means new projects are shelved, but many companies are forced to employ the same levels of expensive IT staff to simply maintain systems.

According to UK based ITjobswatch in-house salaries for developers are Ј35k to Ј45k and upwards of Ј68k if day rate contractors are used. Bold Endeavours charging rates are typically 45% lower than in-house and 56% lower than day rate contractors

With American and English project managers in the USA and UK and project staff in Ukraine, Korea and India, Bold Endeavours runs outsource maintenance contracts as well as complete projects. The “follow the sun” global reach and linguistic abilities makes contract servicing simple and direct – poor communication and mis-understandings are the bane of poorly staffed outsource companies.

Bold Endeavours also offers online marketing management as an offshore outsource too.

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