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New version of CMS :: News

New version of CMS

New version of CMS

After the Vista disaster we’re introducing our new future proofed Content Management System. It’s browser and platform independent.

We developed our second CMS system 6 years ago; at that time most client company priorities were to have a system that looked and felt like Microsoft - so we deliberately engineered ours to work with Microsoft code and scripts. This helped user confidence levels and made for a fast learning curve.
The new CMS, branded as a Big Easy product, works with any browser - Explorer, Mozilla, Safari and Opera and will run on any operating system, Linux, Windows or Apple.

With the introduction of Vista we decided to dispense with all Microsoft integration and develop a third iteration of our CMS; indeed now that we no longer work with Microsoft code, our own system is more stable, much faster and is simpler to integrate with other business processes and systems.

The new system is modelled closely to the old to minimise the learning curve. Packed with features and even more search engine friendly we’ll be delighted to provide an online demonstration at your convenience.

Call your nearest sales representative and ask for a demonstration today.

Открыта вакансия ПХП разработчика
Приглашаем Middle PHP developer.

С Новым годом и Рождеством !
Наилучшие пожелания в 2016 году от компании "Болд Ендеворс"!

"Болд Ендеворс" пригласили для участия в тендере.
Нашу компанию пригласили для участия в тендере на разработку сайта ПАТ "Idea Bank"