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Offshore software web development Ukraine

Recognising the need for businesses to compete globally Bold Endeavours has long provided key services and resources for our clients.

These include search marketing, software application development, web application development, business process development.

We have been providing these services successfully using outsource management techniques for a decade and a half; our production offices are in Kiev, Ukraine.

Client contact is provided throughout the UK from our offices in London, Edinburgh and Inverness.

Ordering offshore software development  is quite easy with Bold Endeavours. We offer a wide spectrum of offshore web development services , including custom software development. Bold Endeavours has a rich experience in developing custom applications for medium and small businesses.  

Web development, web applications, outsourcing support is our specialization. Among the offshore developers in the Eastern Europe Bold Endeavours differs using Agile and Scrum methodologies in software development. We also suggest flexible system of payment You can order leased offshore web development in Kiev and get high quality software for your business development.

Please contact our office in UK to learn more about cost:

Bold Endeavours Ltd,
7 Manor Park, Staines, TW18 4XE, England

Call 01784 460 064

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